Types of Funds

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted Funds remain in perpetuity to address needs within our community as they change over time. A community-based committee reviews and approves grants, then awards them in your fund’s name.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds can be donor-directed for a particular purpose, such as literacy or art education. We select the nonprofit organizations that best serve your charitable intent.

Designated Funds

Designated Funds allow you to choose the charitable organizations you want to receive a portion of the earnings from your fund.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds allow you to be actively involved in your charitable giving.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds let you help a group of students at a specific school or in a particular curriculum in furthering their education. You can be involved in part or all of the selection process.

Organizational Endowment Funds

Organizational Endowment Funds let nonprofit organizations create permanent endowment funds. We handle all administrative and investment responsibilities, freeing the organization to pursue its mission.

Schedule of Fees
Designated Funds and Organizational Funds
First $500,0001.00%
$500,000 – $1 million0.90%
$1 million – $2 million0.80%
$2 million – $5 million0.70%
$5 million – $10 million0.60%
$10 million and above0.50%
Donor Advised Funds, Unrestricted Funds, and Field of Interest Funds
First $1,000,0001.50%
$1 million – $2 million1.00%
$2 million – $5 million0.70%
$5 million – $10 million0.60%
$10 million and above0.50%
Pass-Through Funds

2.0% of the assets given to the Fund

Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Funds

1.5% of Fund balance


  • Requires a minimum of $10,000 to open the fund. This balance does not need to be maintained.
  • Each grant administered must be a minimum of $250.
  • Funds are allowed a maximum of 25 grants per year.
  • An additional $250 flat fee will also be assessed annually.


These fees includes all investment management and custodial fees charged directly to CFCI for the investment of assets. CFCI will endeavor, at all times, to negotiate the lowest fees possible using the collective buying power of the pooled accounts.


  • The Foundation reserves the right to charge a fund for extraordinary legal or administrative expenses associated with the creation of the fund or maintenance of the fund.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to negotiate fees with donors in extraordinary circumstances.
  • The Board of Directors reserves the right to change this fee structure every three years.