National Standards Accreditation

Higher Standards

The Community Foundation of Central Illinois is accredited by the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations™—the highest standards for philanthropic excellence.

To receive National Standard accreditation is not mandatory, but it does involve a rigorous review of 26 national standards in five key areas of community foundation operations, including mission, structure, and governance, resource development, stewardship and accountability, grantmaking, and donor relations.

We chose to go above and beyond by affirming our commitment to excellence and accountability. Our accreditation provides assurance that we have sound policies and practices in place. In short, it means we meet the highest standards for local giving.

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Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations

The mission of the Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations is to strengthen and promote community foundations serving Illinois.

The Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations is a professional, collaborative network organized to:

  • strengthen and promote organized philanthropy in the State of Illinois, particularly through the promotion and development of publicly-supported community foundations in the State of Illinois;
  • educate the public on the benefits, purpose and role of publicly-supported community foundations;
  • assist and educate its members and other interested parties in order to facilitate and promote effective philanthropic grant making; and
  • provide a forum for the exchange of information on philanthropic programs and issues affecting the charitable nonprofit sector in the State of Illinois.

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