CFCI Grants Benefit More Than 20 Non-Profits

HOI ABC News … Daily update April 25, 2019

More than 20 non-profit organizations were awarded grants Tuesday from the Community Foundation of Central Illinois. The awards amounted to $48,356.

The focus of Tuesday’s spring grant program was community arts and animal welfare organizations. One of the non-profits getting some money is PAWS Giving Independence. They train service dogs provide them to people who need them for free. The group said this will help for spay and neutering costs.

“Right now we have about 24 dogs in training in the program and all of our dogs live in foster homes while they’re training, so we cover all the vet costs for them while they’re training so money will go directly to help pay for those costs,” said Donna Kosner with PAWS.

The maximum amount of grant money given per organization was $5,000. In their 34 years, The Community Foundation of Central Illinois has awarded more than $100 million in grant money.

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