Scholarship Recipients

Enrollment Verification

CFCI will distribute scholarship awards directly to the school of the recipient's choice upon receiving an official enrollment verification. To obtain an official enrollment verification, recipients must contact their school's registrar's office and request an enrollment verification be sent to CFCI:

By Mail: Community Foundation of Central Illinois
3625 North Sheridan Road
Peoria, IL 61604

By Fax: 309-674-8754

By Email: kim@communityfoundationci.org

NOTE: Printouts from applicant's online account do not qualify as enrollment verification. Verification must be issued by the school.

2015-2016 CFCI Scholarship Recipients

The Bleeding and Clotting Disorders Institute Scholarship

$1,000     A. Castor
$1,000     A. Hines
$1,000     M. Schwerman
$1,000     A. Johnson
$1,000     H. Alexander

Blumenthal Scholarship Fund of Rotary Club of Peoria

$5,000     C. Ruffin
$5,000     U. Spikes

Jean M. Brown Nursing Scholarship Fund

Occupational Health Nursing - TBA

Non-Occupational Health Nursing - TBA

Gerald C. Bulkeley Scholarship Fund

$6,000     D. Dugan

Comprehensive Bleeding Disorders Center Scholarship

$1,500     M. Jackson
$1,500     M. Newbill
$1,500     A. Hanse

Dempsey Memorial Scholarship Fund

$500     M. Floyd

East Peoria Community High School Scholarship Fund (Merit)

$1,000     B. Bruce
$1,000     M. Corder
$1,000     E. Kasen
$1,000     S. McClure
$1,000     C. Troop

East Peoria Community High School Scholarship Fund (Vocational)

$500     B. Bankes
$500     N. Emert

Forest City High School Alumni Fund

$1,000    TBA

Illinois Mutual Employees' Children Scholarship Fund

$2,000     E. Sawan
$2,000     B. Sondgeroth

Dr. Valentine Jobst III Educational Fund Scholarship

$2,000     K. Childs
$2,500     J. Lee

Coach Tony Juska Memorial Scholarship Fund

$1,000    T. Newell
$1,000    D. Contretras-Porch

Little Giant Scholarship Fund

$1,000     L. Hampton

Manual HS AAS/Frank E. Hardin ITA Scholarship Fund

$2,000     K. Childs

Dennis McPherson Scholarship Fund

$500     M. Feyereisen

Jenny Meek Memorial Fund

$1,000     A. Butler

MidAmerica National Bank's Employees Children Scholarship Fund

$500       B. Tindall

The Walter A. and Minna E. (Miche) Moehle Scholarship Fund

$8,000     M. Wienstroer

The Randy A. Neumann Memorial Fund

$2,000      T. Foster-Jackson

Sam Pendola Jr. Class of 1956 Track & Field Scholarship Fund

$1,000     M. Church
$1,000     K. Jenkins

Elmer and Adolph Pletsch Memorial Scholarship Fund

$7,000     M. Rehn
$7,000     C. Keller
$7,000     D. Miller
$7,000     J. Witzman
$7,000     J. Mattern
$7,000     H. Monroe
$7,000     R. Salz
$7,000     A. Pletsch
$7,000     K. Holmbeck
$7,000     C. Terando
$7,000     L. Wilson

The Roy and Ada Romani Scholarship Fund

$2,000     S. Borrowman

Michael D. McCoy St. Jude Run Scholarship Fund

$1,000    A. Carrol
$1,000    A. Carter

Dennis R. Triggs Scholarship Fund

$1,000     K. Klyber

Vietnam Veteran's Moving Wall Fund

$250       S. Garber

Women in Leadership in Central Illinois Scholarship Fund

$1,000     S. Osborn

Women Lifestyle Educational Fund - TBA

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