Investment Results Information

Asset Allocation Strategy

The asset allocation strategy for the Community Foundation of Central Illinois is as follows:

Fixed Income Investments - 40%
Equity Investments - 60%

The management of the asset allocation is targeted as follows:

Target Allocation

Domestic Large Cap Equities 30.0%
Domestic Small/Mid Cap Equities 15.0%
International Equities 15.0%


Fixed Income 38.0%

Cash & Equivalents




Investment Strategy for Endowed Funds

The investment strategy of the Community Foundation of Central Illinois Endowment is to emphasize total return; that is, the aggregate return from capital appreciation and dividend and interest income.

The primary objective for the investment management for Endowment assets shall be:

Long-Term Growth of Capital – To emphasize long-term growth of principal while avoiding risk. Short-term volatility will be tolerated to the extent that it is consistent with the volatility of a comparable market index.

Investment Results

The chart below illustrates the Community Foundation of Central Illinois’ quarterly investment performance for 2017. 

Time Weighted Returns 1st Qtr YTD 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Portfolio Return (Annualized, Net of Fees) -.78 -.78 8.72 6.51 7.51
Benchmark 60% SP500 / 40% BarCap -.97 -.97 8.81 6.99 8.72
CFCI Policy Benchmark (Annualized) -.99 -.99 8.64 5.96 7.53

The CFCI Policy Benchmark consists of 30% S&P 500, 15% Russell 2000 Small Cap Index, 15% MSCI EAFE Index, and 40% Barclays Aggregate Bond Index, rebalanced and compounded monthly.

The Community Foundation of Central Illinois is confirmed in
compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations

Community Foundation National Standards

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